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Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Mash Up - Feel the Love-y

Celebratories - Milo Fowler's 'Leap Day' debuted today in Port Iris Magazine & received anthological news as well!!! Jennifer Shirk received a contract for her third novel - Sunny Days for Sam!!!

In Other Blogs - Roni Loren posted on sacred cows & sending them packing. Lynda Young had a week of egg shells & critiques. Erica celebrated a birthday this week - yea. Jayne talked about the hidden, transportation & life plans. Karen Gowens shared some book love. Nicole MacDonald played with questions, the evil twin, wall flowers & sex scenes.

Deanna Knippling discussed snow, stats & ocean love. Erin Kane Spock held a memorial, a recollection & astrological investigation - fleshing character through the chart. Holly Ruggiero recovered from her illness & posted googly eyes & chicken tortellini soup - yum. Iggi & Gabi investigated from whence characters emanate. Jennifer Lane introduced the "Lookin' for Love Webhunt"; authors & Omnific.

Julie Musil adjudicated drama v. melodrama - a landmark case if ever there was one. Katie Anderson paid tribute to Pablo Neruda - poet & politician all in one package. Kristina Fugate covered editorial hangover, strange inspiration & determination. KK Brees enlightened with what the Rockford Files & Simon & Garfunkel have in common. Lisa Potts cooked up some spam - folder, that is.

Clarissa Draper posted a great piece about Margaret Mitchell; not the Tara girl next door. Laurie Halse Anderson posted her UK review of Wintergirls. Michelle Teacress reminisced about Glenda & the adventures in 9th grade acting. Donna Hosie plead on hearts & helps - the blog load debacle. Ooohh, Summer Ross brought Metamorphosis to the table this week in her series.

Elizabeth Spann Craig covered multi-tasking, promotion tools, interesting characters & the comfort zone, Writer's Knowledge Base & changing priorities in character growth. NR Williams wrapped up the blog tour, handed out some prizes, collected a few herself & even found time to talk guinea pigs. Nicki Elson posted her writing space & some tie love. Allan Russell coveted shady spots, Valentina & battering storms.

Madeleine had some 200 follower (yea!!) giveaways, haiku & confident kissing. Jennifer Becton shared a Chalotte Collins review, a memorial to a good friend & Amazon v. B&N. Simon Kewin invited us to send ourselves to Mars. Terri Tiffany talked about stand-out writing, movie critiquing aloud & passing it on to the family. Olivia Herrell discussed FIC& bloggetus contestus.

Leigh Moore walked over dream agents & Matched - a review to come later. The Alchemists took the music a bit farther; cover song appeal. The Blood-Red Pencil shifted its focus to Smashwords v. Amazon, the case of either/or/neither/nor; Super Bowl of writing; one bookstore's promo life & straight face; dashing through the WIP; and, the case of Anna Quindlen's missing inciting incident. Angela Ackerman looked at the art of Deception Thesaurus entry.

Jody Hedlund warned about Twitter blunderings, delineated benefits to the writing contest & running/winning make it your own. Maggie Stiefvater covered teasers, bloopers & writer retreats. Write1Sub1 listed their January Juggernauts - check 'em out.

The Old Silly doubled down on Groundhogs & killer storms. Lydia Sharp included online love, logline conquerors & 1980s fantasy (say Labyrinth, Legend, Willow). The Write Question gushed about National Book Critics Circle finalists - Rizzuto, Smith & Hitchens. The Writing Bug exposed typo hunting & discussed NCW Conference - time draws near. Jules discussed doctors, State of the Union & Friday meaning.

Hostings - Gabriela Lessa interviewed Wendy Tokunaga & a giveaway. Brenda Drake talked with Weronika Janczuk; check out the contest, starts Monday. Pat Stoltey hosted Arlee Bird who discussed his A to Z challenge for April. Janet Fox talked with Kathi Appelt, award winning author. Writer Unboxed hosted Sophie Masson, Michael & Daniel Palmer, & Kristina McMorris.

Reviews - The Cerebral Lunchbox reviewed Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic. Jeffrey Beesler discussed Alex J. Cavanaugh's Cassa Star. Jenn introduced a non-fic teen title, Phineas Gage by John Fleischman - a fascinating story. Francine Haworth covered Treasures of the Carmelidrium by NR Williams. The Golden Eagle talked Faerie Wars by Herbie Brennan; recommendation, expectation & in depth discussion.

Agent Blogs - Scott Eagan discussed follow-up protocol, writerly demise, write questions & the unique/good dynamic. Jessica Faust tackled agent revisions, Sally MacKenzie & Novella Writing, synopses, email thread & a thought for the day. Janet Reid produced Neil Gaiman fact laughs, cupcakes, winners, Chuck Wendig & Evan Lewis love. Kristin Nelson waxed on contract whine, -12 degrees of togetherness, temptation resistors, & a biggie issue. Rachelle Gardner covered snark, questions, agreements, love & hate with Mike Duran & a ski weekend - happy powder.

Wow, you guys have so much great stuff that this postie-oastie took longer than usual. I hope you are all safe, warm & warm. At the beginning of the week, 20 below colored my perception of this winter thing. Now, back in the 40s with a slight wind blow, my abhorrence has thawed; slightly. I look forward to Spring & Phil had best be right because I am starting seeds soon!!

Have a writerific weekend.



  1. I'm going to have to do some clicking. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Happy clicking; avoid carpal. Thanks Golden.
    Patti ; )

  3. Holy cow, so many awesome posts here! Thanks for the linkage, and for the mention. Have a great weekend.

  4. Yikes busy busy!! Am going to go square eyed ;p

    The Arrival,only .99c on Amazon/Smashwords

  5. Thanks Julie & you're welcome.
    Hey Nicole, don't go hurtin' yourself.

    Thanks for the comments ladies.


  6. I don't even need a blogroll anymore; I can keep up with all the good stuff right here! =]

  7. Hey Milo,
    Thanks!! I can't wait to see which of your works is published next!! You're doing pretty awesome over there at the medias.
    Thanks for the comment.