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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thinkin' Thursday - Hat Love

I love hats. Paper boy, fedora, baseball. Winter caps, cowboy brims, sombreros. And I'm not talking about the, "Wow, that's a cute hat," kind of love. I mean gotta try them all on at the store hat love - yes, I'm the one. Plant, preview, reject. You see, there's one small problem.

My head is too small for the adult hat!! Not kidding. The paper boy with the button in the center and the cocky, I'm so cute, brim falls right over my ears. The winter knit with the top bobbin flops below the brow. And really, sombreros just overwhelm the rest of my body.

When my kids were little, I could wear their hats. But I have never been able to wear the ones made for 'the big kids'. I'd even do a bonnet if I thought it wouldn't slip into the ridiculous. But alas, small head  = small features = no hats for me. : (

But, that doesn't mean my MCs can't embrace my hat love. Through them I am a vicarious cap wearin' kind of gal. And - I am grateful.

So here's the que-ey: What things do your characters do for you? When mining attributes, how do you apply your own make-up to your literary friends?

Happy Writing,



  1. I didn’t know those were called paperboy hats (I had to look up what it looked like). Those are cute hats.

  2. Haha. I'm more of a scarf fan. I buy a new one each year, and then forget to wear them when it's freezing outside.

    Wow, interesting idea/question. It's like the characters are our kids that we're trying to live vicariously through. I've noticed that I always have a character in a story that is impacted by one of their teachers. As a former middle school teacher I hope I played that role in some kid's life. ;)

  3. Holly,
    I know, right! Love those things.

    That is an awesome sentiment. Teachers are the first-responders in a child's day sometimes. And that is vastly important. Btw, I also have a scarf fetish, but that's for another day. Those I can at least wear!!

    Thanks for the comments ladies.


  4. Interesting question!

    I would say that my characters take on my wilder, stronger side that likes to be combative and compulsive. :P

  5. Golden,
    Admirable qualities all, which I am certain serve you as well as your characters in given circumstances. Thanks for posting.

  6. You ask the best questions! I always have to thing when I come over here.

    Let's see - my characters get to experience the first fluttery excitement of a new romance. I'm not allowed to do that anymore, what with the marriage and all.

  7. Nicki,
    That's so funny! I know what ya mean; the flush, the rush & the gush all in one. It's great that we can relive all of it through our characters.
    Thanks for the comment & the compliment.