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Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Mash Up - New Year, Lots to Celebrate

Celebratories - Nicole MacDonald received her first review of 'The Arrival' released 12/31/10!! On Monday, Pamela Turner's 'Death Sword' made its debut!! Milo Fowler's tale 'One More Tuesday' has been picked up by Allegory!! Summer Ross celebrated her B-day - happy, happy to you - with a Blog Fest; check out the mash up entries!! Nancy Williams' baby - 'Treasures of the Carmelidrium' - is out!! Madeleine crossed the 200 followers mark!! Simon Kewin had stories picked up by Trapeze & Abyss & Apex!! Laura Lee Carter's new book 'How to Believe in Love Again' will be coming soon.

In Other Blogs -  Lynda R. Young covered the plan, some strength & a little bit of honesty. Jayne talked haircuts & writing even when it hurts - darn that muse & her nappy habits. Lyn Hawks posted an interesting article on the females of Hogwarts - how they are portrayed says a lot. Gabriela Lessa discussed writing snooze. Karen Gowen lost her mother & our hearts go out to her; read her beautiful homage to the Nebraska 'Farm Girl' who inspired a book & many lives.

Deanna Knippling posted a great article on the calendar method of synopsis writing - a great plan for a difficult task. Kay Theodoratus caught everyone up & introduced "a gooey, cheesy mess." Jamie Council discussed sleeplessness, anxiety & group dates. Erin Kane Spock talked dopplegangers - 2 projects, 1 writer, what to do. Holly Ruggiero posted an uber-cool genre/zodiac connection - what's your writing sign?

Iggi & Gabi plotted manageable goals, approaching creativity from a new angle & a kickin' quote. Jennifer Lane continued her 'Pyschoanalysis' series - this week, anorexia in candid. Joanna St. James covered lessons, new suspects & a few bold giggles. Julie Musil posted smiling boys & loosey-goosey. Katie Anderson has launched OGP - Operation Get Published.

Kristina Fugate, of the cute hat (sooo jealous), received the Life is Good Award & answered the que-eys - interesting insight. KK Brees introduced us to an American herione - the death dealer of pay toilets - cool read. Clarissa Draper made chili & moods - take the quiz. Laurie Halse Anderson posted snow day pics & 'No Name Calling Week' - concept of James Howe's 'Misfits'. Michelle Teacress taught 'how to blame the ghosties'.

Elizabeth Spann Craig had a great article on what truly matters to our characters - hint, it ain't the teapot.  Nicki Elson showed us the 80s Barbie Dream House Edition - it kinda looks familiar. Pat Stoltey talked balancing chickens with a new member in the house & NCW Conference (3/11-3/12) - great place, great conference, awesmatastic people. Allan Russell posted cool, inspiring pics from Tasmania. Francine Howarth will be posting Sunday on sex scenes - the good, the bad, the downright hilarious.

Elliot Grace took a look back & talked about w'righting the ship. Terri Tiffany looked at 'Thanks, But this Isn't for Us' & committing Social Media Suicide. Olivia Herrell looked at the quiet voice of inspiration. Bryan Russell, one of the Alchemists, discussed the male/female dichotomy of strong novel women. The Blood-Red Pencil covered goals, talk to the editor, some humor, backing up & the foreshadow metaphor.

Angela & Becca gave thanks, unforgettable settings & some evil. The Golden Eagle brought the real last day of Christmas & a host of partridges in pear trees. Candyland covered the beginnings of her Weight Watchers adventure. Lydia Sharp is holding a First Chapter Critique Contest - enter & learn from both Lydia & Joe. Jenny, of The Writing Bug, posted her 6 Impossible Things - the power of the positive.

Jules looked at airport security - I, like her, do not fly - interesting observations & a cartoon. Becky Wilson discussed her writing dilemma - to write what you love. Jody Hedlund asked some great questions this week - readers reading author blogs, the best advice for aspiring writers & applying sutures. Maggie Stiefvater plugged 15 of her favorite songs 2010 edition, housekeeping, butt-kicking & foreign book cover design. At Writer Unboxed, Juliet Marillier looked at 5 Amazing Love Stories & why they work.

Hostings - Roni Loren had Julie Cross join her to discuss 'Writing Teen Angst' - her book Tempest, first in a trilogy, comes out soon. Laura Kaye introduced 'Lily of the Nile' by Stephanie Dray - capture, intrigue & the continuation of a story destined to be told. Janet Fox hosted Bethany Hegedus who discussed ensemble casts.Write1Sub1 interviewed Julie Duffy of StoryADay - another round comes in May.

Reviews - Over at the Cerebral Lunchbox you can read a review of Jennifer Becton's 'Charlotte Collins' - where 'Pride & Prejudice' let off. Jenn introduced 'Hollywood Nobody' by Lisa Samson - a Christy Award winner. Lisa M Potts discussed Stephen King's 'Full Dark, No Stars' - characters from the fingers of the master. Leigh Moore talked about 'The Help' by Kathryn Stockett. The Write Question looked at 'Shaking the Family Tree' by Buzzy Jackson.

New to me Blogs - Writing Not Whining, The Darth Writer, The Character Depot

Agent-y Blogs -  Scott Eagan talked about walking the fine line, contract negotiation, oompa-loompas, gut instincts & beta readers. Jessica Faust looked at the Book List Challenge, fantasy word count, finding the one - editor, characters we don't like & submission catch up. Janet Reid posted query workshop info, Steve Ulfelder's debut, spies, connectivity, Twitter & a new office poster. Nathan Bransford had a great post on how to leave a great comment - read & believe. Kristin Nelson discussed query spamming, whacking moles & Sara Megibow's First Pages webinar. Rachelle Gardner introduced a new query policy, not being Negative Noelle, dreams & nightmares, email submissions & loneliness.

Thanks to everyone for your comment love. You know I hang on every one - hey, they define me! Ok, they don't actually define me, but they do make me laugh, think, write & write better. God bless you, everyone. Have an amazing weekend.

Happy Writing,



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