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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thinkin' Thursday - Give Me an Image

Imagery - words create a vision far beyond the value of the words themselves. As writers, it is imperative that our sentences create a feel & provide images of character, events, locations that go beyond "It was a dark & stormy night."

The following sentences come from Sage Cohen & WD. Rewrite one of the sentences below adding imagery that goes from tell to show. Put your sentences in the comments section, please & thank you. I will post the top 5 on tomorrow's mash-up.

- Her hair was a mess.
-The garden was ready for picking.
- I hate broccoli.
- You always change your mind.
- The moon is full.

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  2. Typo. Sorry about that!

    -The garden was ready for picking.

    My sentence:

    The vegetables hung down, heavy with their ripened insides, the branches struggling to keep the rich fruit from tumbling to the ground.