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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thinkin' Thursday - If You Really Knew Me

I'm not an MTV junkie. I was there when it launched; when all they showed was the same 10 videos every hour. Tennis racket in hand, I became the lead guitar while my siblings made up the rest of the band. Those days are looooonnnnggg gone. I can't play Guitar Hero & the only Rock Band instrument I can handle is the microphone. Which is made even sadder by the fact that I am completely, and I mean completely, tone deaf.

But, I do have teenagers. And, I got sucked into a few episodes of 'If You Really Knew Me'. And, just so ya know, I bawled like a beauty queen on crowning eve every single time. I can't help myself. Kleenex is my only defense against the emotional onslaught.

This got me thinking. As we fashion are characters, we detail their individual biographies. We know everything about them. But, we don't spill it onto every page. There are things that are never translated. So, if you were to pick a character, who would it be? And, what one thing would you want readers to know that is never typed into the tale?

As for me, one of my characters has a quirk where she pinches the inside of her palm whenever she gets stressed. This is borne out of her insecurities & a need to exert emotional control.

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  1. Don't know... still meeting mine *grin*

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  2. My characters have those little details, too.

  3. Nicole & Golden,
    Thanks for the comments!!

  4. I'm so out of it - I've never even heard of that show! But I like what you say about things about our characters that never get revealed - because spelling out every little detail can gunk up a story fast. Let's see...David, my sensitive charmer, swears like a truck driver when he's really stressed out - but only if he's alone or just with the guys. He's much too sensitive to cuss in front of a lady. ;)