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Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Mash Up - Rounding Up the Glasses

Celebratories - Milo Fowler had a story accepted or Allegory Magazine - look for it in January!! Nicki Elson's alma mater magazine published a lovely article on her & Three Daves!! Elliot Grace is in final edits & cover art is complete for his 2011 release!! Simon Kewin had 3 stories published on the iPad this week!!

In Other Blogs - Roni Loren posted on good critique buddies - how to find them, love them, keep them. Lyn Fairchild Hawks covered the myth, the fable that is Facebook - interesting thoughts. Gabriela Leesa talked blocks, crocks & making better stew. Brenda Drake's retelling of The Night Before Christmas was a fun read. Christine Bell had another Friday Freak Out & a picture of Richard Gere - gotta love it.

Karen Gowen is now hiding behind a new blog - Celery Tree - with her lovely daughter. And they covered bestsellers, book buying & the Amazon critter. Nicole MacDonald introduced cover art for her novel & some risk-ay art of another kind. Deanna Knippling talked Lulu & Steampunk. Kay Theodoratus discussed Odd things - Odd Thomas to be exact.

At Jamie Council's blog good things reigned down on her this week. Pamela Turner has been on a blog tour for Death Sword; this week she discussed her love of Louisville. Erin Spock looked into the bottomless shaft of research. Holly Ruggiero brought discarded trees & crepes - some yum. Iggi & Gabi had the best analogy of the week - Leverage.

Jeffrey Beesler has been covering the 12 Days of Christmas writer style - funny stuff. Jenn is ankle-dress deep in the Christian Fiction Reading Challenge. Julie Musil discussed exposition, blue man syndrome & James Scott Bell's remedies. Katie Anderson showed us her Christmas tree & photographic evidence. Kristina Fugate talked subplot - what is & isn't, how to play nice with it & when to rein it into the corral. KK Brees shared a story from the local book store - the quirky characters of real life.

Laura Kaye provided a great link to the E-book romance. Lisa Potts' rendition of the Top 10 for Writers kept me smiling. Clarissa Draper covered 11 hours, 10% & 9 stitches - great writing count down. Laurie Halse Anderson has Speak Loudly t-shirts in the closet - great last minute Christmas gifts if you're still looking. Jennifer Shirk has been tripping the 12 Days of E-books all over the place. Summer Ross posted her Top 10 - Christmas Fairies - yeah!

Allan's book, Veiled in Shadows, is on Kindle sale - check it. Francine posted pics of her winter writing spaces - I am soooo jealous! Madeleine had locos, haikus, anniversaries & some great questions. Jennifer Becton celebrated in Austenian style - the birth of one great commentator whose words still wring the heart right out of ya. Laura Lee Carter discussed to self-publish or not - why it works for her. Terri Tiffany looked at the bookshelf offerings & inspiration for writers.

Leigh Moore covered weakness, gabba & magic - writers, marketing & bestsellers. Bryan Russell talked of the alchemical transformation from interviewer to interviewee. The Bloood-Red Pencil regifted with special memories of Christmas past, hiding your bones, show & tell, fine-tuning the pitch & plunder, & the dreaded comma. Angela Ackerman perked up the week with lots & lots of - STRESS.

Golden Eagle talked the movie/book debate - when the movie diverges & disappointment follows. Candyland looked at giving up & growing up - 2 very interesting looks forward & back. The Old Silly provided some great advice in the gift giving, non-dog house living holiday season. Lydia Sharp went over spit, polish, non-form & audience; Joe looked at a before the book was even finished sale.

Jenny of The Writing Bug talked Top 10 Interferences in the Writer's Life - call the audible, take the penalty. Jules had a great laugh at the expense of traffic school - go along for the ride. Jody Hedlund uncovered slush pile syndrome, dis-appreciation & making it in the self-publishing world. Maggie Stiefvater showed off her Bulgarian bagpipes. At Writer Unboxed there was bridge hopping, editing, enduring the 1st page & where the enthusiasm lives.

Hostings - Jennifer Lane interviewed author Belinda Kroll & reviewed her novel Haunting Miss Trentwood. Joanna St. James hosted two of the writers of Five Oaks. Elizabeth Spann Craig turned her blog over to Enid Wilson, author of Fire and Cross - the pride, the prejudice, the mystery. Nancy Williams sat with 2 authors this week; children's author Jan Markley & fantasy writer Marian Allen. Pat Stoltey talked with Laura DiSilverio - the path to publication fraught with scenic detours.

Reviews - Jayne reviewed Latecomers by Anita Brookner & Switch Bitch by Roald Dahl. Michelle Teacress looked into Anything but Typical by Nora Raleigh Baskin. Calvin Losett talked about Upstream by Thomas McGuane & Charles Lindsay - fly-fishing, tales & pics.

Agenty Blogs - Scott Eagan flogged, contested & passed - all in a week's work. Book Ends wrapped their 12 Days of Christmas giveaway; followed it up with sugared cranberries - yum. Denise Little faced down the demons of her inbox. Janet Reid whipped out the reef cones. Nathan Bransford looked back at his favorite books this year. Rachelle Gardner turned the blog over to Marcus Brotherton who taught publishing economics with a peanut-y flair.

And that be that. Have a wonderful weekend everyone & here's hoping your shopping's done, your credit cards will not have won & you bask in the glow of a winter sun.

Happy Writing,



  1. shew! That's some roundup! Thanks for keeping us up on the latest~ :o) <3

  2. Thanks for mentioning me! :)

    I'll have to check out some of the other links! I hadn't heard of some before.

  3. Leigh, Kay & Golden,
    You're all very welcome!!! Have a great weekend.

  4. "here's hoping your shopping's done, your credit cards will not have won & you bask in the glow of a winter sun" LOVE that!

    Thank you soooo much for the shout out. And what a great batch of links to check out. Thanks!

  5. Wow! You did an awesome roundup!! Thanks for mentioning my blog too:))) Hoping your Christmas is wonderful if I don't get back over here before the New Year:)) Blessings!

  6. Julie & Terri,
    You're both very welcome. And, thanks for the comments.

  7. I'm a little late but thank you for the mention!

    Adding this blog to my follow list. :-)