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Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Mash Up - The Buzz, The Rush, The Crush

In Other Blogs - Roni Loren had an interesting post re: Twitter & cliquey behavior. Erica had a great post on finding irony in all the right places. Jayne's post about submission, anxiety & the fix gave lots of food for writerly souls. Brenda Drake introduced a host of blogfesties for the season. The Cerebral Lunchbox covered zombies, liberties & impeding doom. Shellie posted a tweetable on the Amazon Breakthrough Novel award. Karen G discussed small presses & Xenaness. Nicole MacDonald gave us an inside look at her revision process with 2 very different CPs. Deanna Knippling wrote a little ditty on brain consumption - too cute.

Kay Theodoratus posted about hooks, series & cookies - yum. Jamie Council gave an interesting perspective on not being hooked on the feeling. Iggi & Gabi chatted it up with Rudolph & gleaned some great writing advice. Jenn compiled writerly advice from a variety of sources - great list. Jennifer Lane brought us psychoanalysis & the romantic suspense challenge. Julie Musil talked about the accountability beast & how it affects our intention-driven lives. Katie Anderson posted a beautiful poem by Steve Kowit - cloudy with a chance.

Lisa Potts got hooked on writing intent & the junkety-junk folder. Laurie Halse Anderson has returned from her book tour & is back to the blog - best intentions, flying pigs & chilly the penguin graced her pages. Jennifer Shirk produced the ode to a Christmas tree - so pretty. Michelle Teacress discussed 6-Alarm fires & a dead composer. Donna Hosie answered the query suckage question & how she keeps from circling that particular drain spout. Allan Russell posted on words & presents - 2 peas in the podling. Francine Haworth kept it going with reality hitting the scary road.

Madeleine walked the line of poetry, challenges, crabs & keyholes; she wrapped it up with Write1Sub1. Jennifer Becton gave a hawk's ogle to the learning curve & how she has navigated. Terri Tiffany talked WallyWorld & getting the writing. Olivia Herrell brought to light the question of war, mourning John Lennon & Christmas peace all day, every day. Brian Russell gave us Seussian mastery in, or not, Brooklyn. The Blood-Red Pencil regifted this week - new looks, old blogs. Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglisi added some new entries to the Symbolism Thesaurus. The Old Silly reproduced a strip on the Health Care/Airport Security combo - ah, the irony.

Lydia got to the bones of navigation, nails & successful queries. Jenny also talked query hurdles; while Kerrie discussed the virtue of writer community - both at The Writing Bug. Jody Hedlund asked us to consider criticism tears, green eyes & vacays.

Celebratories Christine Bell's Unwrapping Lily came out yesterday!! GM Browning has breached the Facebook wall! Pamela Turner held a blog tour to promote her debut release - Death Sword!! Milo Fowler's Mercer will be available at the end of the month!!

Hostings -Joanna St. James invited Michele Hauf into the interrogation room this week. Clarissa Draper had Stephen Tremp over to discuss villainy relationships. NR Williams talked sexy romance with Enid Wilson who revamps the delish Mr. Darcy. Pat Stoltey had Carolyn Schriber, author of Beyond All Price, over for a little chat on research. Writer Unboxed held court with Juliet Marillier author of Seer of Sevenwaters

Reviews -Leigh Moore reviewed A Great & Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray.

Agent-y Blogs - Mandy Hubbard looked at The Five Flavors of Dumb, growth, learning & Amazon. Scott Eagan covered Ethos, Pathos & Logos (3 Writingketeers) and query losing. Jessica Faust is in the midst of Bookmas giveaways. Janet Reid discussed the mining of the agent pitch. For tons of e-book news, Nathan Bransford covered the biggies. Kristin Nelson reviewed Google e, teen voice catch without release, crystal balls & buzzy BEAs. Rachelle Gardner looked at marketing you, your book & self-loathing; platform shoes; James Scott Bell's take on agents; and, bookscan on Amazon.

And, ta-da. Buzzing, rushing, crushing. It's definitely that time of year again. Next week will continue the character exploration question. I hope all of you have amazing & productive weekends. I hope to finally get caught back up; otherwise my resolutions list will be a bit longer this year.

Happy Writing,



  1. Those are a lot of links! Thanks for posting all of them. :)

  2. Hey, thanks for the shout out, Patti! I was thinking I'd linked to you already, but zoikes! It was another Patti... LOL! :D fixed~

  3. Hey Leigh,
    No worries. And you're very welcome. I enjoy reading you posts.

  4. You are so awesome. Now I 'm going to linger here on your post and check out any of these links I might have missed! Have a great weekend!

  5. I don't know how you do this. I put five links on my blog and they all go to the wrong place. Never mind me having to organize it so neatly. Great job.

  6. Karen,
    Thank you very much. Hope you find some useful stuffs.

    I'm crazy - that's all there is - lol. Thank you muchisimas.


  7. Thanks so much for the mention, Patti!

  8. Thank you soooo much for the shout out! I appreciate it. There are lots of fun links I haven't seen yet, so I'll check them out. Thanks!