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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vitamins B, D & E

B-Complex: Be prepared, be diligent, be purposeful.
Immune System Booster - Protect yourself from runaway characters. Character development is predetermined by the story arc; however, when characters run amok, the arc can become an inverted bell curve. Otherwise known as sag.
Cell Growth - Understand that writers hold the lines. Growth is the goal; resolution may be another matter.
Anemia Prevention - Pale characters have no depth. Don't run to the tanning booth just yet. But do round out characters through dialogue, action & reaction.

The D's: Do the research.
Thin Bone Prevention - Before the snow, comes the fog, the temperature drop, the smell, the feel. The Inuit have many words for snow; writers have many descriptions. White and fluffy is friendly. Severe, blinding - not so much. Weather interpretation is determined within the tale of the front.
Reduce Inflammation - Control the flow & the details. Don't allow for any places where the blood pools; swelling, bruising & major revision follow.
Regulate Immune Function - Healthy description peppered with care creates the landscape. The reader doesn't need or want every blade of grass defined - a little dab'll do ya. But, if the location plays a vital role in the story, readers need an understanding, a feel & a taste of it.

The Oil & E: Every season; many reasons.
Free Radical Reduction - A meandering spiral over the river & through the woods must have purpose. If ya ain't headed to grandma's house, a different path may be in order.
Gene Expression - Genres can be combined, stacked, layered. But, the primary focus is the determinant. If the story takes place in outer space; it's sci-fi. If love is the driving force - romance. If a woman is cutting the fat, finding her space, writing a cooking blog; it's women's literature. A wizard in a battle on the corner of Good & Evil - MG with a chance of crossover. 
Dilates Blood Vessels - Be open to the possible subplots that drive the main. The subs are the rowers; the main, the caller. Sorry, Olympics documentary on rowing teams clocked my brain at this intersection. Had to do it.

On the NaNo front, I am behind. Sad - yep. But, that doesn't mean I won't reach my goal. It just means that I have to up the word count every day. I'm more than a fourth of the way; nothing left but to jump the cleft - hahaheeheehoho. Oh look, they're playing my theme.

Happy Writing,



  1. Buck up. Every paragraph is a step forward. ... Or, should I say word?

  2. Oh Kay,
    You always know what to say when I needs it the most. Thanks for that.

  3. I need to start taking my vitamins! Great post.

  4. I loved this list. A healthy guide to writing :-)

  5. Haha, your posts are always so creative and inspiring. Keep on writing and before you know it, your word counts will be soaring. :)

  6. Thanks Al. I haven't forgotten about ya. I'm a-reading.
    I needed that. Thanks.