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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vitamin 'A'

On the path to vitaminic clarity, thought we should look at some of the benies.

Fat-soluble – Nothing that doesn’t drive the story. Build believability. Deliver a message. Prepare for the ending. No gun fight at the homestead, unnecessary conversation or gratuitous act of sex or otherwise if it doesn’t speed down the same highway as the characters.

Healthy hair & skin – Stress builds strength of strand & glows through the skin of the story. Every stressful situation has a variety of options. What the character does or doesn’t do speaks to his/her internal strengths & motivations.

Better Eyesight – Personal agenda to be achieved; wide and narrow scope that drives the character to his/her inevitable conclusion. The POV character provides greater insight not only of themselves but the other players as well.

Bone Growth – Synthesizing main plot to the subplot lines of the antag/protag. Hero takes charge – point/counterpoint. Growth through action/reaction; even digression is a growth, albeit negative.

Reproduction – Prophetic rendering and foreshadowing. No miracles. No 11th hour nun swooping in, her habit on fire, to save the hero/heroine. Subtlety is in the pudding; too many cookies and bananas will bore the reader. No good deed goes unpunished; so it must be delivered more devilishly than the last.

Happy Writing,


  1. Great post! I like the way you incorporated the vitamin idea. :)

  2. Darn, I wanted vitamin A to stand for Action.

  3. I'll try better next time, Shellie.