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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thinkin' Thursday - Winds of Change

In post election haze & to combat my NaNo breath, I decided to look at some of the historical events that took place this week across the United States. Three things that changed us in some fundamental way. Each snippet is a story in its own right.

 In 1914, the bra became a patented product in the United States. And, contrary to convention, the patent actually came from a woman - Mary Phelps Jaccob. And all because of a dress! Bowing to the power that is fashion.

In 1916, the first woman was elected to Congress from Montana - Jeanette Rankin. Montana women had the right to vote even before statehood was finalized. There's something to be said for lack of sprawl, I guess.

In 1969, Sesame Street debuted on PBS. Yes, Sesame Street & I were born in the same year. I grew up on Oscar, Bert & Ernie, & Mr. Snuffalupagus. No Tickle Me Elmo or as my kids refer to him - Emo Elmo. Of course, no one had to worry about Big Bird Facebooking about Bert & Ernie's living arrangements back then either.

What historical event/s come to mind? Have you ever considered writing about them/incorporating them into the fabric of your story? 

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  1. I allude to historical events in the drafts set in the 20s and the 40s to set the time line for a story.

    More important in my high fantasy series ... I look at the dictionary frequently to find out when words originated. I don't use any that entered the language after 1800. [Or, try not to.]

  2. Kay,
    That's very cool. Your attention to detail is always inspiring.
    Thanks for the comment.

  3. I love history. In my novella series, I will be time traveling to different periods and writing a story from my heroines POV. However, the actual history may not really exist, it might be legend, like Camelot and Robin Hood. Haven't decided.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  4. I love weaving history into all of my stories. My WIP has tons of history involving the Underground Railroad.

  5. Nancy,
    After reading your blog, I can't wait for a pre-lim read for Robin.
    That's an awesome topic and I wish you lots of lucky-ducks.