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Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Mash Up - She Cried Mo, Mo, Mo

Welcome to Lisa Potts and Christine both of whom joined us the week.

NaNo Counts - Brenda Drake = 8359     Clarissa Draper = 4792
Big Bumps to both ladies!!! Add your count in the comments for some Bump Support.

This week we got to see a bunch of folks' work spaces in the 'Show Your Space Blogfest': Roni Loren and Katie Anderson. Check out their writing spaces.

In other blogs: Shellie posted an article about cell phone etiquette; between teens & technology, I found kernels of truth from my perspective. Christine Bell has an interview with Tia Nevitt. Karen G posted a great article on the blogging no-no's. Deanna Knippling posted a great article on writing speed. And on the same beat, Iggi & Gabi posted an article on binge writing - writer's little helpers. Julie Musil's article on strong foundations is a definite must. Check out Nancy Williams' Hump Day Improvs every Wednesday. The Blood Red Pencil gives some advice on Word. Candyland described her juggling method - better known as - ball adjustment. Jody Hedlund gave us scene writing tips - great advice.

In medias res celebrated its 1st Blogiversary.  Donna Hosie has big doings & great news to share on the path to pub front. Simon Kewin has big doings also; stop by & check 'em out - 4 for 1 day. Lydia Sharp will be published in her 3rd Anthology.

Reviews & Hostings:
Jennifer Lane has a book giveaway - her romantic suspense novel - 'With Good Behavior'. Joanna St. James has an interview with Talli Roland & her new book - 'The Hating Game' - sound deelish. Laura Kaye has a book review up - 'Crave' by JR Ward. Pat Stoltey hosted Stephen Tremp & his novel 'Breakthrough'. Writer Unboxed has an interview with Lisa Brackman author of 'Rock, Paper, Tiger.'

Agent Blog Stuffs:
Mandy Hubbard, MG/YA agent & author, lists some of the items she would like to find in her query pile. Scott Eagan babbles about his pet peeves. Jessica Faust of Book Ends provides insight through her recent blown away reads. Janet Reid offered a link regarding the Zero Draft & NaNo. Nathan Bransford is out of the office this week, but does have a poll up regarding genre. One of Kristin Nelson's clients will be in Broomfield, CO this weekend - click on over to view the venues. And, Rachelle Gardner provided some Twitter talk & the invaluability of tools - I need to re-read this bad boy.

And then the week ended. I got to sleep in this morning - Parent/Teacher Conferences. We did ours last night. As we drove across town - a whole five minutes - I said to my teens, "If anyone has anything to declare before we arrive, please do so now. I am in no mood for any surprises." Let me just say, the innumerable excuses of this, that & many others appeared to be in vain. To which, hubs & I breathed much relief.

Last but not - crossed the 12000 word barrier yesterday thanks to hubs. He provided the grease to turn the engine over & I thank him.

Have a magsplendif weekend and Happy Writing,



  1. "Clarissa Draper = 4792" Awww, thanks! I'm writing more and should post the number at the end of the night.

    I have read most of the other posts and, like you, loved them!

    COngrats on your 12,000!

    Have a great weekend.


  2. Thank you Patti for mentioning my blog. I am editing and have finished 25 chapters with 12 to go over the weekend. All sent to my editor. On Monday I start with her suggestions.
    I also posted today about giveaways and contest including my first ever contest. So if you have time come on by.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  3. Goooo Clarissa!!! (that's my pom-pom edition) Thanks for the encouragement. It is greatly appreciated.
    Yaaaayyy Nancy (the other pom-pom) I'm so glad you're in my critique group! And, I will drop in & check it out. Thanks so much.

  4. Thanks for the shout out!
    12,000 words? VERY nice indeed.

  5. Hey Milo,
    You're very welcome. Hopefully, the waterfall will continue.

  6. Huge cheers for crossing the 12,000 mark! Hubs is awesome!

    Many thanks for the mention. I appreciate it!

  7. Great job on the links! :)

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  8. superb word count. i'm at 4000 out of a goal of 20,000 to finish my danged 2nd draft.

  9. Julie,
    You bet & yes,yes he is. And he cooks too!!
    Thanks bunches.
    Thanks & way to go!!!

  10. Super list of links, Patti. Thanks! And congratulations on your 12,000 words. Keep chugging along.