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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's a No-No

Day 1 - Survived. Still breathing. No tears. Yay!!
Day 2 - Ready to move into next phase & set up.

It's not a no-no; it's a novel. So far, so good. Only 87000 words to go. I am using Storybook for organization which has been very helpful. And the family is happy about the lack of paper piling around my writing space. I am still using Word for the writing - I think this is more a matter of habit than anything else. My comfort zone is only breached in certain areas & my choice of word processing program is not on the chopping block.

Couldn't get into the NaNo site yesterday. Can't figure out how to move my word counter. Laid out tentative ending. I had the basic idea based on the framework, still hadn't made a final determination. But, I believe I have finally gotten there. It's like picking a prom outfit, you know. The dress, the shoes, the hair, the jewelry & the flowers all mesh to create a storybook ending. So too, the ending of a novel. If the shoes don't match, the picture is incomplete - dye the shoes, trust me.

A toast: May your writing be inspired; may you never be too tired. May your characters run a straight line; may they stay away from the wine. Happy creating & no debating.

Happy Writing,



  1. Go Patti! I can feel the writing energy of all you NaNo writers filling up the universe.

  2. I site's down a lot, or just really, really slow.

    Good luck writing! You made it past the first day, and that's a great start. :D

  3. Shellie,
    God bless ya! Your positivity is keeping me going along with the coffee of course.
    Just came from the NaNo site and man slow doesn't even begin to cover it! But, I updated my word count - 6040! Woohoo & a happy dance, not to be confused with the peepee dance - they look similar. Thanks for the encouragement. Here's some right back at ya!