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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thinkin' Thursday - MC Interview

When writing fiction, the character development process involves knowing the back story, physical description & GMC (goals, motivations, conflicts). However, there are other questions writers need to ask. The deep connective tissue that creates true understanding of three-dimensional beings. Here are some questions to consider in the development phase.

What's your learning style? - Observational, kinetic, experimental.
How do you integrate new information? - Traditional dictation, fly by the seat of your pants.
What is the first thing to strike you when you arrive at a party? - Atmosphere, party-goers, decorative elements. Flaws, food, or your own rank in the assemblage.
Which of the senses do rely most heavily on? - Sight or sound. Intuitive reasoning, ability to read people, instincts.
Are you conscious of the issues around you? - How do you deal? What if they are internal? Are you able to provide answers to these problems?
Is the glass half empty or half full? - Does your supporting cast agree with your self-assessment?
Is your orientation past, present or future in terms of how you view the world? - Familial tradition adherence, ability to make new friends regardless, pessimism vs. optimism.
How do you determine trustworthiness? - First impressions, testing, predisposition to trust no one or everyone.
Do you think before you speak? - Your use of language dictates interaction levels, types of encounters, and overall impression by other characters.

Question: What other questions do you utilize in order to gain a greater understanding of your characters?

For a comprehensive review of this list, check out Alicia Rasley's Writer's Digest article.

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