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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Am a Character

Character. We imagine, breathe & let roam. Our characters are fully realized individuals inside their stories. Writer's Village has some templates and archetypal information that aide in developing our peeps. Today we will look at 4 of the archetypes.

Motivator - I will pump you up - Friendly, empathetic, active listeners who are the glass half-full at all times kind of guy or gal. Extroverted, intuitive & perceptive. These characters play well with others & are great conversationalists on a vast array of topics. They possess the equanimity to go with the flow of the river.
This character type is a team player & can exhibit commitment phobia. This is the last minute arrival to the distress party.

Actor - Ay Dios Mio - Quiet self-reflection, internal dialogue, & self-reliance. The future of possibilities is more prevalent than the present. The Pollyanna of good lives in the heart of everyone. They tend to inspire those in their vicinity - the cheerleader of sorts. 

Inventor - Mr. Edison, I presume - These are the individuals who talk with their hands, are loud & cut to the quick. Preferring the company of others to themselves, they are very extroverted, spontaneous & fun to be around. Analytical decision making is key for these types. They are methodical by nature which leads to conventional rather than intuitive schools of thought.

Architect - Hey isn't that Frank Lloyd Wright - This character type doesn't ask for help & therefore comes off territorial & controlling rather than methodical. They aren't spontaneous nor flexible which leads others to believe they are cold & impersonal.

The motivator/actor & inventor/architect display subtle differences. Extro vs. Intro, analytics vs. methodics, a kick in the pants vs. a kick in the pants. Which works for any given situation is up to your unique artistic license - & those have infinitely better pics than the DMV.

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  1. That's really cool. I guess it's true because we, as humans, fall in to a similar type of mode ourselves. Really helpful for writers.


  2. Hey, I saw a good DMV picture ... once.

  3. Thanks Clarissa.
    Kay, thanks for the laugh.