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Monday, October 18, 2010

A Monday Top Ten

Top Ten Signs You’re A Writer…
10. You consult the internet & medical desk reference for BIC Disease.
 9. You’re convinced a game of solitaire will lead to plot resolution.
 8. You spend Sunday dinner analyzing family members for character quirks you can write about later.
 7. You whip out your notebook at the coffee shop to write down something you shouldn’t have overheard.
 6. When asked about your writing, you launch into a book synopsis while everyone rolls eyes you don’t see.
 5. You suffer from ‘must explain it so you like it better’ after an unfavorable critique.
 4. Your recent query letter is sealed with vomit and self-doubt.
 3. You watch movies for pitfalls then bore other viewers with your better interpretation.
 2. Your recent issue of Writer’s Digest has more notes & dog-ears than your WIP.
 1. And, you read & recognized yourself in one or many of the above just like I did.

Live it, Love it, Laugh it!

Happy Writing,


  1. You must have been looking over my shoulder on the Solitaire thing.

  2. I thought of you when I wrote that one having recalled it from some of our conversations. ; )