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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thinkin' Thursday - Golden Spoon Award

Weird, wacky words deserve their own special place in the stratosphere. In honor of the peculiarities of the English language, I am giving away the Golden Spoon Award.

Golden Spoon of Words Award

The Challenge - Below is a list of 20 Weird words; each with an accompanying sentence that will indicate the definition of the word. So, all you have to do is figure out the definition. Easy enough. The first 5 people to hit the finish line will be passed the Golden Spoon on tomorrow's post.

Without further adieu, away we go....

Erinaceous - Sonic is considered an erinaceous creature.
Lamprophony - The lamprophony of his speech left no doubt as to his intentions.
Depone - With her hand on the Bible, the woman agreed to depone.
Finnimbrun - The finnimbrun hung secretly beneath her bodice.
Floccinaucinihilipilification - His floccinaucinihilipilifacation of the antique dampened her dreams of sale.
Inaniloquent - "Inane does not begin to describe the coffee klatch. Inaniloquent is more to the point," she said.
Limerance - His dissertation covered a limerance of courtly affairs during the Middle Ages.
Mesonoxian - His mesonoxian activities led her to believe the vampiric rumors.
Mungo - Her mungo activities provided her shopping cart with many oddities.
Nihilarian - His job consisted of a series of nihilarian activities to nowhere.
Nudiustertian - She ate the same lunch, sat at the same table as nudiustertian.
Phenakism - Specializing in phenakism kept him alive during the war.
Pronk - He is a total pronk. He couldn't lift his own weight out of bed, let alone do a chin up.
Pulveratricious - The license plate was obscured due to its pulveratricious condition.
Rastaquouere - When one attempts rastaquouere maneuvers, one must be careful in vine selection.
Scopperloit - The children engaged in scopperloit activity that resulted in another visit to the hospital.
Selcouth - The door bell rang and in marched the selcouth relatives with a gaggle of gifts from their travels.
Tyrotoxism - Tyrotoxism is the leading cause of death in unsuspecting mice.
Widdiful - The cowboy's widdiful ways with cattle led him to the gallows.
Zabernism - In an attempted coup, the general's zabernism led to his downfall.

Have fun & Happy Writing!