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Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Mash-Up & A Bit More

This week dealt with contests - the why, where & when. I will be putting together lists in the coming months of different contests. If anyone knows of any that are not listed, please post them in the comments & we'll get them out there.

Announcements - I would like to welcome Alexandra Crocodile & Erin MacPherson to our little Bump House.
Check them out.

No awards this week, but we'll keep plugging. So, on to the rest.

First, a bit that has defined this last week...

Here I sit, heating pad at my back,
Laptop at the front
And, poor hubby has taken the brunt.

Second, an anecdotal compilation of this week's posts.

This morning, my 17yo daughter invaded my bathroom. Mostly because the mirror's bigger, but also to complain about her love handles. The sad part of this is that she weighs all of 120lbs. & is a stick. I digress, I proceeded to share the tank trick with her. You know the one, a size larger tank underneath a tee & you flatten out the rolls.

"But, my only tight tank top is dirty," she said.

"Here, you can wear one of mine." I went to my closet, found the perfect compliment & then tightened the straps. Perfectly reasonable.

She put it on, put the t-shirt over it & then looked into the mirror. Now, did my little princess say, "Hey, thanks mom." No, no she didn't.

She slushed that shirt over her abdomen & said, "Oh my God, this is so sad. I must be getting fat if I can wear one of your shirts."

"Um, what???" I said dropping the blow dryer to the counter.

"Well, I've never been able to wear one of your shirts before. It's," she looked at my reflection in the mirror. "It's just weird."

Refusing to take this bit any further, I calmly traced to the kitchen & poured myself more coffee. Ha!

However, there is an allegory here. I have been putting my contest submission piece out there for feedback. And, there have been mixed reviews. But, that doesn't stop me from continuing to trim the *fat* & rolling out the love handles. I am determined to employ the tank trick - layering with the important bits. And, I will be heading back to the exercise dvd's - stat.

How does the mix of feedback you receive play a role in your writing life & your pursuit of writing contests?

Happy Writing,



  1. Can you believe my family of five once survived two teen-aged girls with only one bathroom?

  2. Oh my, young people have a way with words, right? Makes me cringe when I think of what I said when I was that age.

    With mixed reviews, I marinade in them for a couple of days. Then I apply what I agree with, and set aside what I don't. Not sure how good that strategy is, but it works for me!

  3. Julie,
    You are so right. I try to convince myself that I had a little more restraint at that age, but alas the truth wins out.
    Thanks for the reviews advice, I think I needed that more than I realized. I'm marinating as we speak.