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Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Mash-Up

First things first, housekeeping.

Special Thanks - Karen Gowen & her blog BBQ from whence many of you have come.

Mucho special thanks to Clarissa Draper, who gets the Referral Award of the Week.
Refer-A-Friend Award

And more gratis to NR Williams for bestowing The Bump with another blog award.

Blog Award Ceremony - A few weeks ago, I received my first blog award from Pat Stoltey & now I am ready to pass it on. This week it is going to the first 8 new Bumpers. I will give it out again next week, as well as pass on the one from this week. 

And, now, for the Mash.

This week covered labor, character & style. Kay is deep in the labor of revision & commiserates on the nags found in our WIPs. Karen covered the benefits of cooking to the creative process. Meanwhile, Julie Musil dug deep into the recesses (pun intended) to bring out writer memories; an homage to the Back-to-School movement.

Leigh T. Moore posted a blog dealing with her home town. The character, the smells, the sounds of Baton Rouge. Anaya wrote a lovely post on being a non-parent & I found it an interesting commentary on character. Sometimes, it's what's thrust upon us that provides what we most need. This caused me to think (hard) about my own characters & their development over 300 pages. The Character Compass from Iggi & Gabi is a great visual on character building as well.

A question of adverbs & the evolving style of current, big name authors popped up on J.L. Jackson's blog. Nathan Bransford played Dead & Alive writer; which, as I read through responses, made me realize that the answers provided some great insight on individual writing style - check it out. And, that takes care of that.

So, onto other stuffs. If you're in Northern Colorado this weekend, check out the TriMedia Film Festival.

Also, picked up Kresley Cole's & Anne Rice's bestsellers. I'll let you know how it goes.

In unrelated news, I ran all over town yesterday in search of Franzen's new book, but alas resorted to B&N. Where I also ordered a Beverly Lewis & Jody Hedlund's debut novel. Yea to new books!!

Have a great weekend all.

Happy Writing,



  1. Thanks for the mention, Patti, and for the award. (I am also SmoothiesR4Me). Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Thanks so much for it! What do I have to do with the referral friend award? It's so cute.


  3. JL, Sorry 'bout the confusion. And, you're welcome.
    Clarissa, You may do with it as you wish. I came up with it yesterday with you in mind. So, 'tis yours to with as you wish.

    Thanks to both of you for posting.

  4. Okay, wow. I'm definitely going to put it on my sidebar and make sure you're recognized for it. And when I find someone special to pass it on to, I'll do that.


  5. Thanks for solving the mystery. If I'd done the read-the-blogs thing I would have known why I was getting referrals from your blog. I check out a few of the new ones you mention.


    PS: By nags, I didn't mean horses ... just those passive and redundant forms that infiltrate your writing in spite of your good intentions.

  6. Kay,
    God love ya, you're too funny. Nags, bags & hags - they're all there & we have to gut them ruthlessly.

  7. You're such a sweetie pie. Thanks for the warm welcome. Have a good week! :)

  8. You are very, very warm welcomed MT.