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Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Mash Up - What's the Word?

Congratulatories - Simon Kewin received a nod from the Spilling Ink Anthology - another week, another victory!! The Golden Eagle finished her novel - 1st draft in cooler!!

In Other Blogs - Roni Loren discussed karma, the teen self, some updates & answers. Lynda R. Young posted a great homage to Bob (her inner editor), clear words & some crusading. Erica turned pitching coach this week - curve balls for the sag/drag. Jayne engaged in some wandering with great photographic evidence. Gabriela Lessa looked at first sentences & double lives - contests & friendly responses.

The Cerebral Lunchbox draws some interesting conclusions from Assassin's Creed - 7 items that cross & run the gamut. Karen Gowen covered social media fluency ('tis another language, dontcha know) & contest update. Nicole MacDonald got her heat on & then raided the fridge - surprises, guest blogging & a sex scene. Deanna Knippling posted Part 4 of her failing gracefully series - letting go of the controls. Pamela Turner introduced sword fighting (techniques, relations, etc.) & celebrated accomplishments.

Erin Kane Spock had some sex talk, some awards & some Valentine's blahs - well she did contract a head cold, but not before she gived me an award - Thank You, Thank You Erica & feel Thera-better soon. Holly Ruggiero created a beautiful cappuccino - don't know whether to slurp or simply admire, certainly don't want to blow - for this, the heart holiday. Iggi & Gabi had updates on conferences, NYC events, a GREAT letter to Facebook & still had time to open the YA Cafe. Milo Fowler discussed his writing process, its evolution & the effect Write1 has had. Jeffrey Beesler's week consisted of essentials - writer essentials; filling the toolbox.

Jennifer Lane joined the Follower Love Hop - giveaways & new friends. Julie Musil introduced her friends, Cliff & Hanger - great read, as always. Katie Anderson talked Paris & hair - they do go together. Kristina Fugate introduced Who is Saint Giovanni? - free stuffs, good reads, giveaways. KK Brees caught up with reviews, POD discussion & more S/G love.

Lisa Potts is on a crusade - Platform Building, no Spanish Armada or world domination intent necessary. Clarissa Draper dropped some Petechial Hemorrhage on the blog, scaring ourselves & E-book advice. Jennifer Shirk, hostess with the mostest, held a Superbowl party complete with recipes & discussed writer training. Michelle Teacress took us on a tour of the Wonder Bread factory & The Door Within. Summer Ross investigated Metamorphosis; latest in her series.

Elizabeth Spann Craig covered social media - promo & sales, GPS & advice, character identification & mini-vans & longhand v. type-hand. Allan Russell talked in candid strides about crossroads & support. Francine Howarth discussed confetti (how not to use it) & sensory realism. Madeleine reviewed some micro-fiction, perfect poetry, habitual haiku & her upcoming contest. Jennifer Becton chimed in with the contract, head lops, NYTimes Bestseller & romantic letters.

Terri Tiffany pondered advice giving & post rushing; same gates, different approaches. Olivia Herrell introduced her new novel soundtrack - life on The Dark Side of the Moon. Leigh Moore went sausage wild & then bit off some revision wisdom. The Alchemists illuminated the Rhythm & the Blues in the writerly life. The Blood-Red Pencil covered boredom, an tip invite, 10 methods of productivity, stepping away from the monitor & head hop avoidance - a new dance craze making the circuit.

The Muses, aka - Angela & Becca, have a new Twitter account & some mystery in the thesaurus. Candyland introduced the easy outline method, editing in Hades & randomness - a great balance of poignancy & reality. The Old Silly talked care, Botswana & cookie love. The Writing Bug engaged in hopping, NCW conference updates & weekly review. Jules jumped out of the bedroom (great story & twist), a call to followers & epiphanific pain.

Jody Hedlund investigated editing the contracted book, boring blogging avoidance & when not to jump. Maggie Stiefvater dealt with live chats & Branson snow. Write1Sub1 requisitioned some pants, a little plot & Heinlein's law. Writer Unboxed conscripted uncompromising revision, the love, sleep answers, question writing & Kristina McMorris for round 2.

Hostings - Joanna St. James opened the Interrogation Room to Angelina Rain - there's a giveaway in it for ya; Indecent Encounters. Pat Stoltey turned her blog over to Debbie Hardy author of Stepping through Cancer: A Guide for the Journey. Lydia Sharp wrangled Audrey Lockwood, author of Olympus Gate, into the blog - journeys & advice. The Write Question interviewed Faith Hickman Brynie, author of Brain Sense. Janet Fox brought along a new voice; Joy Preble, author of Dreaming Anastasia & Haunted.

Reviews - Jenn had a beautiful review of Warriors Don't Cry by Melba Patillo Beals - non-fic teen introduction to Brown v. The Board of Education. Donna Hosie reminisced on No & Me by Delphine de Vigan -a new love. Elliot Grace touched with Roland Yeomans' The Bear with Two Shadows. Becky Wilson covered Age of Odin by James Lovegrove.

Agent Blogs - Mandy Hubbard had an announcement, a goal & a wish list - looking for manuscripts in all the writer places. Scott Eagan waxed on baggage, guts, query quandaries, likeable characters & road manuevers. Jessica Faust introduced an unhappy client with q&a therapy, subjectivity points, the holiday gift list, agents on a train & speed dating: Author Edition. Janet Reid planned her great snow escape - pics, GPS, locationness. Nathan Bransford cut cable, made some realizations, investigated book buying habits in re: eReaders, talked Gatsby & round up the usual suspects. Kristin Nelson talked kids & conferences, quick & easy & all that glitters is not Hollywood. Rachelle Gardner covered publishing terminology 102, definitive publishing info, village idiot migration with Davey Jank & DIY publishing.

In a week of words, I have learned tremendous amounts from all of you & I thank you. Next week will be an interesting cacophony of I might have a new yob & balance beams. Have a marvy weekend. And, enjoy the slide into Hallmark Holiday - choco-flower-cardy-licious. Ooh, new wicky word - L.

Happy Writing,



  1. Thanks for the mention! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I always look forward to your Friday wrap up, to see what I might have missed :)

  3. LOL! Sausage wild... *snort*... and then she got sick along w/both babies. sigh. Thanks, Patti! :o) <3

  4. Golden, you're most welcome!
    Thanks Karen.
    Aw, Leigh, I'm sorry to hear that!

    Thanks for all of your comments, ladies!!

  5. I agree with Karen, I come here when I missed a lot of blogs for the week. Thank you.

  6. Patti, this is a really nice collection of links.

    Hope all is going well. We miss you down here in Northern Colorado.

  7. Clarissa,
    Thank you very much.

    Thank you. And, I miss you guys a lot. All goes well. Digging the digs & all.


  8. Thanks for the mention. These are great 'cause there are always a few I miss.