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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

And it's Tuesday....

Holy crackers; it's February even. Who'd a thunk time could move even faster. Maybe I should have studied quantum physics then I might understand it a little better. Those documentaries only give ya so much - ya know.

Anyways, I missed yesterday's post due to a log jam at a government office. It spiraled from there. In the interim, I have no post, I have no toast which leaves me kinda hungry. I've rummaged; I've stormed the brain Bastille - all to no avail.

So, here's hoping wherever you are, you're warm, in a swarm of writing elves. Weaving the tale, never leaving it pale, may you catch your white whale.

Oooohhh, and dont' forget to check out the finalists in Nathan Bransford's Opening Paragraph contest today.

Happy Writing,



  1. Am writing.. also am wishing I could clone myself a couple of times (c'mon, you gotta admit it would be very helpful!)

    only .99c, The Arrival, now on Amazon

  2. Nicole,
    I'd definitely agree. Cloning myself would make my life mucho easier!!!!
    Thanks for the comment.