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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Opposing POV

So, it's finals week at our house. And an interesting little experiment is being conducted betwixt me not so little ones. Here's the lay of the clothing debate....

The boy has decided that wearing a dress shirt & tie will help him perform better. Because, according to his 15 1/2 years on the planet, when you dress nicer you feel smarter. Only the grades will tell. However, it is an interesting premise & he has laid out his clothes for the entire exam schedule - color coordinated to the exams of the day. Black & grey shirt with music tie for Math & Science; grey shirt/grey & white striped tie for English & Spanish; multi-colored flannel & purple tie for Industrial Tech & Art.

The girl, on the flip side, has embraced the pony tail, sweat pants, t-shirt trifecta of exam happiness. Her theory being that the more relaxed, the less the performance anxiety. Again, we'll wait for the results. I'll be lucky if girly doesn't pull wrinkle-dimpled sweats out the dirty clothes the morning of. It's alright though; I don't have to sit next to her all day. And, in her defense, she did do all of her laundry this weekend.

Reminds me of those 'Goofus & Gallant' shorts I read in the doctor's office copy of Highlights. Not exactly, but I'm just sayin'. What opposing forces inspire you & your characters?

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