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Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Mash Up - Post Triptophan & Other Bits

Congratulations - To all the NaNo winners!!!! To Jennifer for cresting her 500th sale!!

In Other Blogs -Erica is having a post-NaNo blogfestive. Brenda posted on CA Marshall's edit giveaway; check it out, enter & hopefully win the prize. Shellie discussed rule breaking. Christine Bell revealed TMI - confessions & other stuffs. Nicole talked about the moment you realize your work doesn't suck. Gardner took us back to the days of Glam Rock - the hair, the debauch & the operatic. Kay talked about resurrecting villain syndrome & how it can work effectively.

Iggi & Gabi spent the week discussing blogging - myths, boosting & why. The Bear Monk covered a week in revival - Sarah, TSA, North Korea - readers beware. Katie showed us snow days in Glasgow - great pics & ice slicks. Glad to hear Laura is recovering from the flu bug. Lisa listed her top 5 movies for the Christmas viewing season. Clarissa posted pics form her trip - Hearst Castle yumminess. Jennifer needs some help with boy book buying & she's knee-deep in cookie dough frenzy.

MT is giving away a Write Planner in time for Christmas - enter & win. Donna provided a link to writer Natalie Whipple's story - check 'em both. Nancy covered the sting & the inspiration in her writing life. Madeleine is hosting a blogfesty - 500 words, 1 character's room, a multitude of guesses. Simon posted an interesting read on writing for video games - more info to follow.

Terri talked about her MC, neuroses & hearting characters. Leigh covered POV & killing an MC - a rhyme, a time & doing it write. Kathryn @ The Blood-Red Pencil has suffered a loss - her inner editor has been kidnapped; not to worry, Kelly Simmons gave it back. Angela covered borders & barriers in the thesaurus. Candyland had a great post on the achievement of dreams. Lydia discussed the Page 69 Pop Quiz - sheck it out. The Writing Bug posted its 2011 writing contests much ado for all. Jody talked about blogging v. politicking - no popularity contests needed.

Hostings - Roni Loren hosted Tiffany Reisz & the topic of erotica. Jennifer Lane had a chat with Lisa Sanchez, author of 'Eve of Samhain'. Joanna interrogated editor/author Clarissa Yip - lots of great q&a's. Nicki met Susan Kaye Quinn at her book signing - promotion & the writer. Pat had Molly MacRae who discussed her publishing journey. Al was hosted by Kathleen Jones - one of his favorite bloggies. Francine covered lit agent Kirsty McLachlan's Writers' News article on getting an agent. The Old Silly hosted Vivian Zabel author of 'Stolen'. Theresa Walsh talked to Jane Friedman on all things publishy.

Reviews -Jayne reviewed 'The Hating Game' by Talli Roland; a great premise promises much hilarity - help this writer hit the Amazon listola. Karen covered 'Perilous' by Tamara Hart Heiner - check out the Kindle giveaway. Milo reviewed 'The Prefect' by Alastair Reynolds - the joy of finding a new author. Jenn discussed 'Book of a Thousand Day' by Shannon Hale - a Grimm retelling that sounds fantasmic.

Agents, Agents Everywhere - Scott Eagan covered technique,Steam Punk, knowing your role, itchy-nichey & the extensive NaNo process. Jessica Faust is hosting the 12 Day of Christmas for the beginning of the month - 3 days down, more to go. Janet Reid posted a rejection rebuttal & I'ma guessin' the guy won't be considered in the future either. Kristin Nelson posted query trends in their office recently - know the list, catch the bus. Rachelle Gardner posted her list of blog turn offs - no beach walking or anything of the sort.

And there it be. An entire week in which I have been terribly behind, had to read them all in one sit & rendered them to the sphere. On the non-medicated front, I am feeling better again - convincing my body to 4-go a 3-peat is definite agenda material. Next week, I will cover NaNo, No-No & ....

Happy Writing,



  1. Thanks for all those links! Wow. I'll definitely have to check out some of them!

  2. That is so awesome how you did this!! Now I'm going to go visit the ones I'm not familiar with and tell them Patti sent me.

  3. You are both welcome. I guess I figured I had to make up for my lousy presence this week. But, hey, I'm finally feeling like the old girl again. Have a great weekend ladies!!!

  4. Thanks for the shout out! You've given me plenty more to read here. =]

  5. I love your Friday mash-ups! How long do they take you to do these?

  6. Hey Milo,
    Your welcome. I am excited to see how the Write1/Sub1 project works.

    I usually keep up during the week so it'll take about an hour. This week, however, it took 2 just to quick read. Thank you. I'm glad you like them.