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Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday Mash Up - Merry, Merry To All

A Warm Welcome to Olivia Herrell who jumped on board this week.

Congratulatories -  Nicole MacDonald posted her beautiful book cover - very cool!! Allan posted his 200th bloggy today - yea!! The Alchemists also hit the 200 mark & provided a good reads list of their own!!

In Other Blogs - Jayne posted a great Christmas list for writers. Brenda Drake talked about being home for Christmas; she also had a guest post over at CA Marshall's place. Deanna Knippling talked resolution & editor wants. Pamela Turner gave info about Angry Robot & its new submissions policy. Holly Ruggiero pasted a stunning Medieval Amaryllis & a bit of the history behind it.

Iggi & Gabi took a look at this year & all of their great accomplishments. Milo Fowler talked statistics - & ya'll know how I love statistics. Jeffrey Beesler presented lists of some of his favorite & most excellent blogs - um, I think I channeled Bill & Ted there for a sec, whoops. Jennifer Lane continued her psychoanalysis series - great for character motivation definition. Julie Musil wrote a great piece on the Grinch's other thefts.

Katie Anderson took a look at the Christmas Truce of 1914 from one soldier's perspective. Clarissa Draper covered sociopathy, sensory perception, tight spaces, the point & sentifigal accomplishment. Laurie Halse Anderson discussed the rejection flashlight & baking by 'Forge' light. Jennifer Shirk wrapped up the 12 Days of eBooks. Summer Ross posted her Top 10 Christmas pics.

Elizabeth Spann Craig posted her Tweetopia picks of the week - great links & info. Nancy Williams gave away some snow - code that is; if you want some shovel-less fluff, check it out. Nicki Elson posted a recipe for 3 ingredient cookies - in a pinch, don't be a Grinch, the recipe is a cinch. Pat Stoltey listed books by NCW members - Victoria Hanley is a super-super lady. Madeleine covered poetry, haiku, awards & the windy-twisty.

Laura Lee Carter discussed writing through tragedy & other sage advice. The Blood-Red Pencil provided optimism affirmations, 'Comma Sense', keepin' it real interesting & novel checklists. Angela & Becca gave a week of amazing stocking stuffers. Candyland, as always, provided laughs, insight & mucho comido por pensado - stretching my ill-used Spanish, sorry. Lydia & Joe recapped rule breakin' & Lycan learnin'.

The Writing Bug covered stress & shepherds - coping & hoping. Jules talked ice photos & Christmas memories. Jody Hedlund discussed the bloggy voice, peace & goodwill. Maggie Stiefvater shared her European tour & babes in Frost Land. Writer Unboxed posted a voting link to WD's 101 Best of the Year, agent hunting & community building, being your own touchstone & asking "Why now?".

Reviews - Golden Eagle brought us into the world of 'Howl's Moving Castle', the book & the film, by Dianna Wynne Jones. The Write Question looked at poetry from Roger Dunsmore & Montana Poet Laureate (07-09) Greg Pape.

Hostings -Roni Loren hosted 2 awesome ladies this week: Tiffany Reisz & Marketing, Laura Diamond & defense mechanisms. Gabriela Lessa received answers from Jessica Faust of BookEnds, LLC. Write1Sub1 interviewed Aaron Polson.

New To Me Blogs - Missed Periods & Other Grammar Scares, The Quintessentially Questionable Query Experiment, Fairy Hedgehog, Crystal Clear Proofing, Bill Cameron, Aaron Polson, The Debutante Ball,  Three Dead Moths in My Mailbox, Mary E Hanks, Write About Now, Anne R. Allen, A Writer's Rush

Agenty Blogs - Scott Eagan looked for recipes, books & more stories. Janet Reid looked both ways; 2010 Book Review & 2011 Up & Coming's. Nathan Bransford worked for Heifer International, Ngrams & life changing reads. Rachelle Gardner discussed the good (you), the bad (books-subjectivo) & the ugly (the publishing question).

And there 'tis. Slept in, drempt long, nothing else could go wrong. There is cake to bake, calls to make. Turkey to poke, somewhere there's a joke. Wishing all of you the best holiday ever; love, laughter, blessings, abundance & more.

Happy, Merry,



  1. Back at you. How's that for an elegant season's greeting?

  2. Thank you so much for the mention! :)

    Merry Christmas!

  3. You're welcome Golden. Merry Christmas to you as well.

  4. I hope you're enjoying your holidays and thank you for all the links... including mine!

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  6. Clarissa,
    You bet, you too & you're welcome.