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Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Mash Up - A funny thing happened on the way to...

NaNo News: Brenda Drake - 29003 Clarissa Draper - 22000 Lisa Potts - 15000

Yea to All!!!

In Other Blogs: Roni Loren posted yesterday about a contest to get a 30 page read of your NaNo project from Sara Megibow of NLA. Erica had 2 posts this week - rule of 5s. Jayne posted about falling into the black hole of a great read. Witless Exposition had an homage to 'Labyrinth'; okay, more like David Bowie in the movie - one of my favorite movies of all time. Karen G discussed keeping the writing dream alive, even with 10, yes I said 10, children!!!!

Deanna Knippling talked about the stories she has recently reviewed - what worked & what didn't. Iggi & Gabi are hosting a Road to 200 contest. Milo invited everyone to walk in the shoes of --- Ray Bradbury. Jenn posted an interesting comparison of her work & that of JK Rowling. Julie Musil talked about character development & what she learned from John Green. Katie Anderson catalogued her NaNo experience thus far. Michelle Teacress discussed why throwing rocks at your MCs isn't a bad thing - it's a GREAT thing. Donna Hosie discussed medication induced inspiration - it's not as bad as one might think. Nancy Williams answered questions related to her personal pubbing journey. Laura Lee Carter discussed public readings. Bryan Russell posted a cartoon indicative of how we all feel at times during this writing life.

The Blood Red Pencil hosted an entire week of e-pub postings. Candy demonstrated the freakiness that is Waldo. The Old Silly taught why vaguery kills. 'The Big Squeeze' posted by Lydia Sharp discussed the art of increased villainy. Kerrie Flanagan posted on giving away your power - inspiration. Jody Hedlund discussed Bloggy Blunders. Ray Rhamey,viaWriter Unboxed, uncovered the necessity of mental acuity & distance from the writing.

Sending out good juju to Jennifer Shirk while on submission island.

Hostings & Reviews: Christine Bell hosted Stacey Kennedy. Pamela Turner had Lex Valentine on her blog - moving outside the box. Joanna St. James hosted Michelle Styles; one of her personal faves. Laura Kaye reviewed 2 books from Sherrilyn Kenyon. Clarissa Draper hopped onto 5 fave women authors of the 1800s. Pat Stoltey talked to Joyce Elson Moore about the research process. Jennifer Becton introduced 2 authors in the Austen retell. Simon Kewin interviewed Maureen Scott of Ether Books. Leigh Moore interviewed Dr. Quinn.

Congratulatories: Yea for Shellie who received great news from a writing contest!!! Angela Ackerman of The Bookshelf Muse reached 30000 hits!!!! Jody Hedlund for #18 on CBA Bestseller list!!!!!

Agent Bloggy Things: Mandy Hubbard posted a Hunger Games video. Scott Eagan at Greyhaus is currently closed to subs until 12/17 - check his blog for updates. Starting 11/25, BookEnds will be query closed until 01/05/11. Janet Reid posted ads from the clueless brigade. Nathan Bransford posted about being you in the query conundrum. Kristin Nelson discussed losing out to a fellow respected agent. Rachelle Gardner answered contracty concerns.

As to my own mess, I am still not 100%. The head & stomach do not seem concerned about proper operating procedure. And while I can sometimes chock it up to OE, this is not the case. The weather is definitely bopping to the beat of flaky biscuit snowfall mixed with below the radar temps - that could be it. But, no, this all goes back to how I deal with stress related to the child rearing thing that should really come with instructions, a blog from God or any other helpful bits when the kids hit the teen years. I will however recover & I now know why the bear hibernates!

On NaNo frontier, I am at 30k, not the worst thing. I have come to terms with  not shooting the moon of my personal goal. But, I am nothing if not driven like a Beamer on the Autobahn, so I will kick NaNo ninja buttocks. And finish the rest before the end of the year, edit the bollocks out of it & then pray to the Literary Giants that it squeaks through an open window.

Happy Writing,



  1. Ugh, I feel bad because I haven't been on the NaNo site to update my stats. I should do that tonight.


  2. No worries, I haven't updated either. So, at least I am in good company.

  3. Thirty thousand words sounds fabulous, Patti. Give yourself a hug. You got a great start, betcha you'll have it polished before the New Year. I'm not going to even compare my writing speed with your. I'll just think of you the next time I need a productivity inspiration.

  4. Shellie,
    You are too sweet! Congrats on the Honorable Mention. Slow & steady seems to be the lesson here.

  5. Wow. Way to keep up with everybody! I'm impressed. :)

  6. Thanks Jenn. And, I loved your side-by-side with JK. Very interesting insight.