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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thinkin' Thursday - Favorite TV

Okay, I am taking a breather from the NaNo posts today & looking into something a little bit more fun. Earlier this year, I attended a coffee at the NCW offices.

We were all asked 3 ice breaker questions. The insight from the answers was very interesting. One of the questions dealt with your favorite t.v. show. I picked 'Survivor'.

I know, I know - not reality TV to be sure. But, here's the dealy; it is such an interesting psychological study into what people will do for a million dollars.

The game, for those who don't watch, is supposed to  be outwit, outplay, outlast. That's all well & good until you realize that this isn't always the way it works.

I usually pick an early favorite & as the game progresses I hold myself open to the possibility of changing my mind. Maybe my fav does or says something despicable; maybe they prove to have the discernment God gave a grape; or, maybe they just fail & get voted off the island. By the end, I am somewhere between the lesser of the evils.

As a writer, I think the show represents my desire to find the good in others. It also feeds my love of "Lord of the Flies" - the death being metaphorical of course. Most importantly, it allows me to study different stereotypes for my own work.

So, here are the questions: What is your favorite tv show? Why? And, what do you think it says about you as a writer?


  1. Good question. (and I agree Survivior is an excellent study of people's actions vs stakes)

    I have a lot of favortites. Criminal Minds. Fringe. Big Bang Theroy.

    I guess I like to see what's out there at the outer edges...the things that most people don't think about or never think to explore. Too, I want to believe that most people are good and will do all they can to do right by those around them, helping when needed and stretching themselves to connect with those who are hurting in some way.

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  2. Angela,
    I love Criminal Minds & the entire clan loves Big Bang Theory!!
    Great comments.

  3. I don't watch anything beyond PBS, so practically all of my TV time is NonFic.

  4. I too love Criminal Minds, The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family. I also enjoy Castle, and not because he is a writer, but because he really is "ruggedly handsome" even to an old broad like me.


  5. Golden,
    One of the best documentaries I ever saw was on PBS.
    I dig Castle for Nathan Fillion who I dug in the Firefly series & movie. I feel ya.

  6. I'm a huge TV and movie fan, and Survivor is one of my favorites. This season, I'm on Jane's side.

    I also watch several cop shows, Dancing With the Stars, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, etc. etc. The only thing it says about my writing is that writing and associated activities wear me out so all I can do in the evening is stare at the TV.

  7. Pat,
    I'm with ya on Jane. She's pretty cute & funny. Loved her brush off of Marty - almost the dumbest Survivor ever, Mr. Chess Grandmaster my big toe!
    I too love cop shows. Figuring out the mystery is the best part. I don't watch any of the others though.