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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Girl is 18 Today

And there you have it. My sweet, cute, curly-haired baby has grown into a mostly sweet, very cute, hair-straightener kind of gal. I have done a flower arrangement, delivered it to school. I am baking a cake & making frosting from scratch. All the mommy things that I hope will never change but know inevitably must.

I am wishing my girl the best of everything her life has to offer. May she never close a door without ensuring an open window. May she lead with her heart, but think with her head. May she fail & learn the lesson. May she always remember from whence she has come, where she is going & where she left the map. And, may she never forget - not one single thing.

Happy Writing,



  1. My youngest is 18 and leaves for Marine boot camp in one week. *yikes* and where did the time go??

  2. Karen,
    My heart is with you. I don't know where the time went, but I sure know I wouldn't have missed for all the tears in heaven. It does certainly put the last 41 years in perspective for me!