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Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Mash-Up: Cookin', Band-Aids, Touchy-Touchy

Special Thanks for all of the wonderful comments this week. Hope everyone has a great, productive weekend.

Julie Musil & Karen Gowen both covered the cookin'/writin' dynamic with two very interesting perspectives. Idea pings with Don MacLean and selling Chocolate Chips vs. books. Over at Jenn Musing, she talked about writing pearls. While not cooking; I crossed the foodie line because it's well worth the read. Deanna Knippling has launched a new online recipe blog in homage to 'Vlad Taltos' by Steven Brust.

Laura Kaye put up a Stress Reduction Kit. Ellie's muse is sulking & chocolate isn't helping. She is in need of sulk-proof meds; check her out. In an ode to Beta's week, Erica has some great advice for the application of Beta Band-aids. Lydia Sharp discusses Women's Fiction 101 - The Baby Dilemma & the different remedies for getting there. Iggi & Gabi have been plugging along the DIYMFA track - a definitive first-aid. And, if you haven't checked it out, Angela Ackerman posted the Love/Affection entry for the Symbolism Thesaurus.

Elliot discusses 'Dumbing it Down'; a touchy subject if ever there was one. Ooh, if you haven't read it, Gabriela interviewed Jodi Picoult this week - interesting bits that. The Blood Red Pencil discussed the musicality of words - touching touchy.

And, NaNoWriMo discussions all around. As well as NaBloWriMo - check out Alexandra's blog for deets.

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  1. Some really great stuff. I'll check it out!


  2. People are productive on the weekends? I thought weekends were for goofing off.