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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

For Why Dost Thou Blog?

A blog is a medium for reaching those outside of our own microcosm. Communities are formed around an area of interest & we are all an integral part of that evolution. We all read & hear about blogging as a chink in the platform armor. And that plays a vital role in our reasons for tripping the keyboard blogosphere. But, there are other reasons that we engage in the rote of this medium.

Building Blocks - Research, write, report. Rinse & repeat. There are so many topics to cover under the heading: Writer, that each of us brings a unique perspective, a new piece of information, even new methodologies. We build conglomerations of information dispensed in our own individual voices. We are creating a wealth of knowledge that translates into the cyber realm. And that is how we, as individuals, build a credible body of online work.

Shtyle - Everyone has their own style. It permeates every facet of our lives. The blog allows us to experiment with different elements of our writing which culminates in an overall style with which we are comfortable. Holy cow, that was a long sentence. Not my standard cup of black & swirly. But, I do get a chance to play with the different elements.

Under Construction - Maintaining an online blogging presence provides a road map to readers, writers, editors, agents, magazines, etc. If you blog it, they will come. Whether it's your WIP, a book promotion, or just getting your name out there, blogging provides a stage that brings people together. Blogging provides the map, you determine the scenic detours.

Now, jog in place - Practice. Blogging keeps me on track. I write everyday because I blog M-F. Spurring the writing process is one of the greatest blogging benefits. I find myself wondering about my next blog even before I am finished with the current one. And, because this is an interactive environment, the feedback we receive lets us know what works, what doesn't & sometimes what we need to work on most.

Connect the dots - The writing blogworld is our version of the juicy tidbits bar. Did you hear about this book? This author just got picked up by who? Contests, what contests? New agent, you don't say? Are you attending that conference? What did you think about...? We connect to one another in this realm & it is where a vast majority of our own information comes from. Our work is performed in the most sokitary of manners; therefore, it is vital that we reach out & virtual hug someone. Reading other blogs, commenting on them, or just laughing alsongside - these are the digital warm fuzzies that we need to remind ourselves we are not alone. No writer is an archipelago.

These represent a small fraction of the reasons we blog. Each of us has a myriad of reasons for engaging this corner of cyberdom. Some days I find it cathartic; others I work on the educational aspect. And, sometimes I do it to allow my crazy gnome out of the garden. However, the most important aspect for me is the fact that I am constantly learning, growing & most importantly writing.

What are some of the greatest benefits you see form blogging? What, if any, do find to be detractors?

Happy Writing,



  1. My blog has helped focus my thoughts.

  2. Blogging gets my writing juices flowing. It can be all consuming as well, so I have to time myself. But, just look at all our lovely new friends.

  3. Blogging makes me happy but it also keeps me busy. I want happy and I need time. So, where is the balance?


  4. That's because you girls are the bestest, bloggiest girls I know.

  5. It does eat up a bit of time I could be writing, but I find blogging a wonderful challenge and a great way to make friends around the world. I'm going to cut back to 5 days a week, though.