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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So, I thought it was Thursday

What day is it?

So, here I went and did this beautiful post for Thursday, posted it to Twitter and then looked at the post date on my blog. Just spectacular! I now know why the caged bird is trying to get out - because they can see her darnit!!

Of course, this gives me the opportunity to laugh at myself; ha---ha. And the beat keeps poppin'.

And there you have it, my dork flag at full mast waving in the wind at the Republic of Twitter!! Does it get any worse than that - well, yes. Yes, it does.

I spent an entire family dinner last night regaling my loved ones with the writing world at macro and micro levels. They smiled, they indulged and I (after covering my novel in glowing detail - three times!) apologized. Between that and this morning's debacle, I learned something. I am taking myself waaaayyyyy too seriously and I need a hobby.

Writers spend their days glued to the monitor; plotting, twisting, interjecting humor. If it weren't for the occassional breaks, I might never know the temperature outside of my writing space. I can sit for ten or twelve hours, never thinking of food or the bathroom, when I am neck-deep in the ZONE. Heck, I haven't even seen the inside of my shower curtain this morning.

We need to take a break, a walk, a run - anything to keep us normal. Whatever that is. I might even have to break down and make some phone calls - reconnect with the outside world for a while. Because, if I keep this up, my family isn't going to have me over for dinner anymore.

What do you do to bust the chains & reconnect, redirect or decompress? We all know what I did - and I don't recommend it. Ego suck is ego suck - don't try this at home.

Happy Writing,

Patti Struble


  1. Thanks Pat,
    One mini-meltdown & some time to laugh at myself made it all better.