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Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Mash Up

Special Thanks to Pat Stoltey for bestowing on me a Blog Award - my first. I shall cherish it always. And I am working diligently to pass it on.

Shout outs to my blog followers: Kay, Pat, and Clarissa. And to Jennifer Carter for stopping by.

Congratulations to Roni Griffin a.k.a. Fiction Groupie for landing agent Sara Megibow of NLA.

Check out Kay Theodoratus' new site.

If you hadn't heard (unlikely, but maybe) Mockingjay made its debut this week and Jodi Picoult ranted on the NYT Bestsellers List.

So, that accomplished, onto the mash...

While this week covered mechanics and as we saw, I need some people in my circle. And not just those renting rooms in my head. I decided I had better branch out a bit.

Nagging Whisper has returned to haunt Pat Stoltey, but she has found support - her Critique Group. No medication, no arts & crafts classes - sort of. Just large doses of reality, perspective and direction. Good thing too. If NW keeps up her chocolate stealing antics, we may have to worry for her safety.

Mentors, we all need them. Mary DeMuth made a guest appearance on Rachelle Gardner's blog this week. At the end of the day, we writers would looovvveeee to find that published author to show us the ropes, provide us a recommend or simply say, "This is good," and mean it. Do not, I repeat, do not beg, slobber or stammer your way into this person's sphere. It's like those stories you hear of agents finding mss under their bathroom stalls - not professional & you come off just a tad too needy. But, we all need mentors, real people, and Mary has a great story & suggestions.

Agents, we all want one. And, it's important to know what questions to ask. Kristin Nelson covered this again yesterday. And, Rachelle Gardner has covered this on her blog as well. Read the guidelines, ask the questions, write good stuffs, breathe - the staples of finding an agent.

Publishers, we pray to God we get one of these. With all of the shake-ups, roll-outs and break-ups, we need to keep apprised. Nathan Bransford covered the changing services offered by publishing houses. Between e-readers, e-book royalties, reconfiguring at Dorchester there is a lot to keep in mind. Perhaps, those characters in my head would be interested in covering these & then delivering weekly reports. Because it's hard enough some days to keep up with their trauma & drama.

Don't forget the most important folks. Your family & friends. Thank them for keeping you grounded, sane & on-kilter. Neuroses of self-doubt live in the heart & soul of even the most stalwart. Without these folks, who I'm hoping extend me another dinner invitation of redemption, our spleens would lie on the floor in a putrified mess of self-recrimination.

Thank you to my family & friends for keeping me safe from myself when it matters most.

Happy Writing,




  1. Thanks for mentioning my site. I got the short story up.

  2. You betcha. I read the story & commented as well.
    Happy Weekend,