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Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Mash Up

AKA: Welcome to the Pain of Procrastination Station; Not Necessarily in that Order
Every Friday, we will do a recap of the week's articles & those from other bloggers mash them together & see what happens.

"You're Welcome," I said to my MC. "Your story, my story, our story is complete. Well, for today anyway."
And then, Pat Stoltey informed me about 'Nagging Voice.' I thought listening to my MC dog me was bad enough, but now I learned there are others. How distressing! After "A Day In The Life" of my MC, I now have to worry about her badgering little buddy.

Whilst on a stop at Procrastination Station, I hopped over to visit my friend Kay Theodoratus & discuss a bit about Fiction Formulas. I learned some things about mystery writing, Pam Wolf & coffee. "Coffee, how I thought I knew you."

After re-boarding the train, I picked up the Wednesday Edition from Jody Hedlund - 8 Ways Writers Can Push Themselves to Grow. I would add a 9th, Buy Duct Tape for 'Nagging Voice' until I get all my piglets aligned at the trough, but that's a personal issue.

Then the PAIN set in. First, Nathan Bransford's lovely frustration illustration (I think I hear the little guy & his song 'bout conjunctions; how weird) created a burble. Then, Rachelle Gardner's "Sweetly Answered Questions" set me at full tilt. Contorted facial muscles, stitched riblets & giggling, no jiggling, no, giggling fits rounded out this week in blogging mash-up review.

Happy Writing,

Patti Struble


  1. Sorry, you're feeling pain. I'm bouncing on the ceiling at the moment, having completed the draft of my free Half-Elven story. The pain will return later.

    Incidentally, I'm impressed you are blogging daily.

  2. Kay,
    You're so funny. I am glad to hear the draft is finished. I'm ready to read when you' re ready for me. And, thanks - I thought it best to do the weekly bit. Besides, it gets the juices flowing so to speak.

  3. Patti, thanks for the mention and link. I need some of that duct tape. What a great idea!


  4. Pat,
    Happy I could help in return. Thanks for posting.

  5. Hi again, Patti. I've passed a blog award on to you today, so please drop by at your convenience to pick it up.